Application of V-chip Type Capacitor

Application of V-chip Type Capacitor

General purpose, motherboard, display card, auto electronics

Application of Radial Type Capacitor

Application of Radial Type Capacitor

General purpose, Communication equipment,Industrial equipment,power supply, lighting and consumer electronics

Application of Screw Terminal Type Capacitor

Application of Screw Terminal Type Capacitor

General power input, output filter circuit, industrial machinery, communication equipment, power converter

Application of Snap-in Type Capacitor

Application of Snap-in Type Capacitor

General Power Input, Output Filter Circuit, Rectifier, Air Conditioner, Mechanical Equipment, Power Converter

We like to work with passionate, diligent, and tough young people. Therefore, we start the campus recruiting program every year, and we look forward to the talented graduates like you to join us and show your skills! Start a new career!


The Management Associate Training Program is mainly aimed at the introduction and training for outstanding college graduates or junior college graduates. It provides a strong reserve force for manufacturing, quality management, engineering technology, and marketing sales teams through company training and upgrading.





Number of people

Management Associate

Major in Electronics , Electromechanical, Machinery, Management and other related majors

Junior college degree or above



Job Requirements

1.Junior college degree or above

2.Major in Electronics , Electromechanical, Machinery,Applied Chemicals, Materials, Management

3.Hard-working,team spirit

4.Firm and indomitable

5.Have good interpersonal communication skills and adaptability


Salary and welfare

1.The company provides employees with highly competitive remuneration packages, rewarding high-quality employees who have outstanding performance, enterprising spirit and make outstanding contributions to the company. The company has a complete set of salary and welfare system, in order to obtain and maintain its own competitiveness in the same industry, reward and motivate outstanding employees, and enable each employee to fully enjoy the pleasure of work and the joy of life.


2.Salary project: In addition to the agreed monthly salary, the company also provides other related salary items: full attendance bonus, performance reward, sales incentive award, technical progress award, quality assessment award, etc.



(1) Statutory welfare items: Perfect social insurance for employees to purchase basic pension insurance, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, and work-related injury insurance according to local legal standards;

(2) Specific benefits:

Medical aspects: The company provides commercial insurance for employees who meet certain conditions; regular health checkups are arranged every year;

Other benefits: holiday gift; employee birthday greetings and cake coupons; Spring Festival party;

Accommodation arrangements: provides free dormitory 

Staff canteen: The company has a staff canteen, free dining service for all employees, and free midnight snack for night shift staff;

(3) often hold various of activities;


Training objectives

The company has a complete staff training and development program. At present, the company divides its job system into four categories: management, technology, sales and operators. Employees can develop in their respective fields according to their own advantages. In addition, the company regularly conducts targeted vocational training courses every year, and employees can focus on their ability to improve according to their own situation.


Work place




HR/Mz. Xu



Address: No. 35 Heshi Road, Hekeng Second Industrial Zone, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province



No. 35 Heshi Road, Hekeng Second Industrial Zone, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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