Application of V-chip Type Capacitor

Application of V-chip Type Capacitor

General purpose, motherboard, display card, auto electronics

Application of Radial Type Capacitor

Application of Radial Type Capacitor

General purpose, Communication equipment,Industrial equipment,power supply, lighting and consumer electronics

Application of Screw Terminal Type Capacitor

Application of Screw Terminal Type Capacitor

General power input, output filter circuit, industrial machinery, communication equipment, power converter

Application of Snap-in Type Capacitor

Application of Snap-in Type Capacitor

General Power Input, Output Filter Circuit, Rectifier, Air Conditioner, Mechanical Equipment, Power Converter

Process Main Materlals Content


Corrosion (Enlangement of the surface Area)

High purty aluminumfol


Pure water

A 0.05-0.11 mm thick anode foil and a 0.02-0.05 mm thick cathode foil are continuously etched electrochemically in a chloride solution with an AC or DC current. This enlarges the effective surface area of the aluminum foils to attain smaller capacitor sizes.


(Formation of the DIELECTRIC)

Bched foil

Borate, etc.

Pure water

This process builds the aluminum oxide (AI203) layer that becomes the capacitor's dielectric. A high purity etched aluminum foil is anodized in a (for example) solution made of water, boric acid, and ammonium, to form an aluminum oxide layer on the surface of the anode foil. For the cathode foil, a low DC voltage is sometimes used for formation, but sometimes no formation is done at all.


Anode foil

Cathode foil

A foil is slited into specified widths according to capacitor case sizes.

Slited foils (anode/cathode)

Dectrtylic paper


Winding affxing material

Anode and cathode foils interleaved with an electrolytic paper are wound into a cylindrical capacitor element, with aluminum tabs being connected to both foils.


Impregnation Prime
Elements are impregnated with liquid electrolyte.
Assembly & Finishing Impregnating element
Case (usualty aluminum)
End seal (Rubber packing,Rubber balkelile with terminals, Mold plaslic wilth terminals)
(Sleeving. bottom plate, etc.)

The impregnated element, case and end seal are assembled.

Aging Assembled products DC voltage is applied under high temperature conditions to reform the oxide layer.
Check all electrical characteristics
machining Base plate
Taping material
Accessonies (Capcilor mountingbraket teminal screws, etc.)

Depending on customer specification, the lead cutting,forming and taping are processed.Accessories, such as mounting bracket, are attached.


Packaging Packogingmalerials Packaging


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